How to choose the appropriate zipper of daily science popularization?

Zipper is a common connector in our daily life, which plays a connecting and sealing role in items such as clothing and bags. However, for many people, the difference between open and closed zippers is not very clear. It is important to understand the structure and applicability of zippers when choosing them.

Firstly, let’s have a detailed understanding of the structures of open and closed zippers. The characteristic of an open end zipper is that there is no back code at the lower end of the chain, but a locking component. When the locking element is locked, it is equivalent to a closed zipper, and by pulling the pull head against the locking element, the chain strap can be separated. The closed zipper has a fixed back size and can only be pulled open from the front size end. When the zipper is fully open, the two chain straps are connected together by the back code and cannot be separated. The structural differences determine their characteristics and limitations when used.

Secondly, there are differences in the scope of application between open zippers and closed zippers. Open zippers are suitable for items that require frequent opening and closing, such as clothing. Closed zippers are more suitable for items that do not require frequent opening, such as regular bags or clothing that does not require frequent disassembly. Therefore, when choosing a zipper, we need to reasonably choose an open or closed zipper based on the usage needs of the item to ensure its effectiveness and lifespan.

In practical applications, selecting the appropriate zipper is crucial for product quality and user experience. If chosen improperly, it may lead to zipper damage, inconvenience in use, and even safety hazards. Therefore, when purchasing products, consumers should pay attention to the type of zipper used and choose according to actual needs.

In summary, understanding the structural characteristics and applicability of open and closed zippers is crucial for us to choose the right zipper. Only by fully understanding the characteristics and usage requirements of zippers can we choose the most suitable zipper to ensure product quality and effectiveness. I hope that through today’s science popularization, everyone has a deeper understanding of zippers, and can choose and use zipper products more reasonably in daily life.

In addition, When parents buy children’s clothing for their children, they should not only consider the appearance and price factors, but also pay more attention to the hang tag identification and the category of children’s clothing identification (according to the new national standard, baby clothing must be labeled with words such as “infant products” or “Class A”; Class B is products that can come into contact with the skin; Class C is products that cannot come into direct contact with the skin),

When buying clothes for children under 7 years old or infants and young children, it is important not to choose clothing with straps on the head and neck, as the straps on the head and neck of children’s clothing may cause accidental injury when children are moving around, or suffocation when the straps are mistakenly placed on the neck. Please protect children’s safety.


Post time: Jun-06-2024